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Do not forget the original ideal and ambition to move forward

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[Do not forget the original ideal and ambition to move forward] Review the grand ceremony of the 2019 Mergeboon Annual meeting.

Mergeboon Annual meeting

Never forget why you started.

Keep moving forward.

January 13, 2020.

Grand ceremony of the annual meeting of Mergeboon.

Has quietly begun.

With the arrival of the host.

The dinner party kicked off.

Mergeboon Annual meeting

Boss Cui, General Manager of Mergeboon.

Make an opening speech for this annual meeting!

In the past year, we have made concerted efforts and forged ahead.

We use hard work in exchange for success!

There is a group of people in our Mergeboon who seem ordinary.

Is indispensable to us,

They have worked hard in Mergeboon for many years.

Mergeboon can not achieve such remarkable results without their efforts.

They regard work as their mission and excellence as their pursuit.

Their actions reflect higher personal values.

Mergeboon Annual meeting

Finally, I would like to thank the distinguished guests and colleagues for their close cooperation.

I would also like to thank all the actors who have brought the performance, and thank you for your active participation!

2019 has passed, and 2020 will be the year when our Mergeboon will take off.

We are looking forward to witnessing with you at the next annual meeting.

I wish you all good health! A happy family! Everything goes well!

See you next year!

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